Useful contacts in the West Vale neighbourhood

On this page you can find details of local contacts and organisations which can provide further information about matters related to our proposed West Vale development.

Crossbank House and Summervale House

Contacts in the OL9 6T* area

Your Councillors – Coldhurst Ward

A councillor's primary role is to represent their ward or division and the people who live in it. Councillors provide a bridge between the community and the council. As well as being an advocate for local residents and signposting them to the right people at the council, they will need to keep you informed about the issues that affect you.

Cllr Abdul Jabbar

Cllr Abdul Malik

Cllr Montaz Ali Azad

Greater Manchester Police – Coldhurst Neighbourhood Policing Team

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team is a group of Greater Manchester Police officers dedicated to serving your community by focusing on local crime, disorder and quality of life issues.

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team

Contact your local team

Street Lighting

You can report a problem with street lighting to Oldham Council.

Oldham Council owned trees and tree maintenance

You can ask Oldham Council to inspect a tree by completing the online form.

Kyle 120118 002

First Choice Homes Oldham Contacts

Community Impact Team

Our team can support you with advice on benefits, managing money, affordable food and more. Get in touch with our Contact Centre, which will pass on your enquiry to our Community Impact team.

Email or call 0161 393 7117.

Other key First Choice Homes Oldham services

Report a repair

Report antisocial behaviour (For FCHO customers)

Report antisocial behaviour (For non-FCHO customers)

FCHO is planning to transform the area where the tower blocks Crossbank and Summervale now stand.

West Vale project contacts

West Vale project manager

Kevin Smith has overall responsibility for delivering the West Vale redevelopment project.

Participation & Community Lead

Kevin Field supports local residents and other organisations to be informed about the West Vale redevelopment project and to involve them with decision making. This to ensure the West Vale Redevelopment project works for everyone. Kevin also works with residents to develop community projects.