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Coronavirus: latest update on our repairs

Due to latest government advice on coronavirus we are now only attending emergency repairs - we are no longer attending routine repairs that have been booked in. This is to reduce the risk of infection to you & our staff.

We will only deal with the following list of emergency repairs:

  • Total loss of power
  • Total loss of water
  • Insecure property
  • Uncontainable leak
  • Dangerous electrics and/or water on electrics

If you have an appointment for a routine repair booked

Our team will be in touch with you soon. Once we are in a position to resume routine repairs we will be in touch again to make arrangements to complete your work. Your repairs will take priority over any new ones that have been reported.

If you need to report a new routine repair at this time

You can still report non-emergency repairs and when the situation changes we’ll be in touch to make arrangements to complete your repair. Email us at or call our Contact Centre on 0161 393 7117.

You may still see our staff still working in communal or outdoor areas, on empty homes or on building works where they will have limited social contact. It’s important that we continue to deliver as much of our service as possible. All our staff have been provided with the necessary equipment and advice to ensure they do this safely without risk to you or them.

Reporting a repair

We carry out responsive repairs through our Property Care service. The easiest way to report a repair is through the My Account portal. If you need help using it, please go the My Account support page.

Reporting anti-social behaviour (ASB)

To find out more about what ASB is and how to report it go to our ASB page.