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Coronavirus: latest update on our repairs

  • The government has confirmed that tradespeople will be allowed to enter homes, provided they follow social distancing guidance, so all maintenance and repairs in your homes are carrying on.
  • When a member of staff attends your home they will assess if it is safe or appropriate to enter. Please don’t be alarmed or offended if they ask you some questions – this is to ensure we keep everyone safe.
  • We will continue to implement safe working practices using the appropriate PPE and observing social distancing when we visit your home.
  • We ask you to please follow any advice we may give you and stay in another room until the work is completed to help keep everybody safe.
  • To help stop the spread of coronavirus you must let us know if you have an appointment booked and you have coronavirus symptoms, or are self isolating or someone in your household is. We will rearrange the appointment for another time.

Reporting a repair

We carry out responsive repairs through our Property Care service. The easiest way to report a repair is through the My Account portal. If you need help using it, please go the My Account support page.

Reporting anti-social behaviour (ASB)

To find out more about what ASB is and how to report it go to our ASB page.