Leaseholder information

Leaseholder information

You are a leaseholder if you have:

  • bought your home from us under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire schemes
  • bought your home on the open market from a previous owner. In these circumstances the original owner would have purchased the property from us under the Right to Buy scheme.

Your lease

Your solicitor should have given you a copy of the lease when you bought your home. Please keep it safe and contact the land registry if you need a new copy.

Our leases are generally 99-125 years long from the original date of purchase.

What’s in your lease?

Your lease sets out your legal rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder, and what our obligations and rights are as your landlord.

As the terms of each lease may vary slightly, it is essential that you read the lease document carefully.

If you have any questions about your lease, please email

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Get in touch

To get in touch with one of our advisors about your lease, please email