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Continually improving our customers’ homes to make sure we provide high quality, safe places to live is one of our main priorities  - we know how important this is to our customers.

This year we’re investing £14.6m in three key areas. This will pay for:

  • Fire safety measures in blocks of flats. We’ll be undertaking a range of work including replacing fire doors, improving fire detection in customers’ flats, installing new sprinkler systems and new bin chutes. We are also carrying out “fire stopping” works to contain any fire, should it occur in homes, and stop it spreading. Read more about our Fire Safety Programme 2021/22.
  • Replacing roofs and windows. This work is to make sure that the structure of properties remain sound, and homes are safe and warm long into the future.
  • Work inside our customers’ homes. We’ll be replacing kitchens and bathrooms and rewiring homes, where these works are needed, to provide homes which are fit for the future. We’ll also continue to deliver our adaptations programme, replace boilers and invest in unoccupied properties to provide safe, warm homes which meet our customers’ needs.

Who will carry out these improvement works?

Specialist contractors will be procured to complete the works. These will be managed by our Investment team to achieve the best quality and customer service during the delivery of the works.

How will I know if there is improvement work planned for my home?

Before any work takes place we’ll get in touch with you to discuss what is involved, and we’ll keep in touch with you throughout the project.

Where will you be carrying out improvement work in 2021/22?

The links on the right hand side of this page provide more information about improvement work planned for this financial year will take place. These pages will be continually updated as new works are confirmed.

Supply chain

Our Contracts team uses the online, OJEU compliant Delta procurement system to advertise our tenders.

The links on the right hand side of this page provide more information about the contracts which have been awarded during this financial year.

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To find out more about our 2020/21 investment programme, get in touch with our Service Centre.


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