Our Big Plan 2.0 2022-2026

Through our Big Plan 2.0 we want to build on the successes and progress we have made since the 2022 launch, while responding to the challenges facing us and embracing the opportunities.

The plan will enable us to keep improving what and how we deliver for our customers and our organisation, focusing on a range of themes including better customer insight, digitally enabled services, enhancing customer influence in decision making and strategic management of our assets and ultimately delivering great services, great homes and great neighbourhoods and being a great company.

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Big Ambitions 2022 2026

Our Big Ambitions are the revised targets we have set ourselves to deliver by 2026.

We have firm foundations of investment and service delivery to build on, and we want to push ourselves to be more than just a landlord.

Our Big Ambitions will help us to maximise the potential of our activities as an anchor organisation, contributing to the future economic growth and prosperity of our local region.