Home contents insurance

Insuring your belongings

First Choice Homes Oldham does not insure any customer personal belongings. Therefore we advise you to take out home contents insurance. We are able to arrange this for you, via Aviva Insurance.

Payment of the premium

The cost of insurance is payable weekly or monthly through your local post office, PayPoint or by Direct Debit or by standing order through your bank.

Insurance for your home contents includes:

  • Household goods and contents whilst in your home
  • Theft of your keys and the contents in your freezer
  • There is also cover for personal liability

Accidental damage and cover away from the home are not covered as standard other than what is detailed in the policy summary.

A full accidental damage option and other options to insure your personal belongings, hearing aids, and motorised wheelchairs are available at an additional cost.

Special low, minimum sums insured

The lowest amount that can be insured is £6,000 if you are over the age of 60 or £9,000 for all other people.

We can arrange two levels of cover: Standard and Standard with accidental damage.

Sample costs:

Home Contents Sum Insured (£s)Standard Weekly Premium (£s)Accidental Damage Weekly Premium (£s)

There are also some rates specifically for our customers who are over 60:

Home Contents Sum Insured (£s)Standard Weekly Premium (£s)Accidental Damage Weekly Premium (£s)