At FCHO, we do not have any allocated parking spaces for our properties.

This means we do not have:

  • A permit holder system
  • Allocated parking bays or spaces
  • Reserved disability spaces
  • Any other parking provisions

The only properties that do have designated parking spaces are those that come with driveways. Typically, these are some of our new-build properties.

We understand and appreciate that it can be frustrating if you are unable to find a parking space near your home, however cars and other vehicles that are legally parked on roads outside or near your home are within their rights to do so.

We ask all our customers to be considerate when parking, and be mindful and understanding that other vehicle owners have the right to park in spaces near to your home and there may be times where there are more vehicles usual. For example, at weekends or during the Christmas period.

Disabled bays

Some of our properties have disabled bays near to their home. We do not own any of these bays, and anyone displaying a Blue Badge is allowed to park in them, regardless of whether they live close by. If you would like to apply to have a disabled bay near your home, you will need to submit an application to the local authority for your area.

Illegal parking

As a landlord, we do not have the responsibility to deal with parking concerns.

If someone is parked illegally near your home, for example, they are blocking your driveway or parked in an area with parking restrictions such as yellow lines, you should report this to the police. If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned, please report this to the DVLA.