How to apply for a home

Coronavirus: latest update on how we are advertising homes

We are upgrading our MyMove system at the moment so we are not currently advertising our homes on that website. The new MyMove website will go live on 6 April 2020 so keep a look out for new homes then.

Some of our homes are still being advertised with Oldham Council. Oldham Council’s housing options service is now operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can access information on Oldham Council’s website, by emailing or calling on 0161 770 4605.

Oldham Council’s phone lines are exceptionally busy at this time, as it continues to offer telephone support for critical services. We encourage you to access information via the website wherever you can.

How to apply for a home in Oldham

To register to apply for one of our homes or to bid one of our properties visit our MyMove Oldham website.

To register for rehousing and bid for properties with any other social landlords in Oldham please visit Oldham Councils website.

There are lots of helpful guides on the MyMove website including:

We have a range of different types and sizes of homes throughout the borough to suit everyone whether you are single or a family.

We are committed to helping you to find a home that suits you and that you will be happy in. For more information visit the Help and Support Pages.