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Welcome to Sholver

Do you live in the area? Thinking of moving here?

This neighbourhood plan will provide you with all the info you need, from the number of homes we own in the area and what our current customers think about living here, to investment works and support we are providing.

We love our homes and neighbourhoods and we are passionate about making a difference and working together to build vibrant and safe communities where you love to live too.

We work closely with customers and listen to your feedback so we can put in place action plans to address any key issues and make Sholver a great place to live.

Meet the Sholver Neighbourhood Team

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Coming soon

Contact Amjad Khan, Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinator in the interim on 07721 593584

  • Help with tenancies – signing up, maintaining a tenancy, name changes, extra people moving in
  • Support customer in their homes – make sure our homes are in great condition and suitable for our customers and their families, carry out property checks, help with domestic violence or abuse, antisocial behaviour and safeguarding
  • Our neighbourhoods – make sure our areas are kept clean and tidy - dealing with fly tipping, untidy gardens, abandoned cars

More information on our Neighbourhood Team.

Community Legal team

Community Legal Team – We want our tenants and communities to be proud of the area you live in. We're here to provide information, advice and support to you if you have any questions about antisocial behaviour and social housing fraud.

Income Collection Officers

Income Support Team – We're here to help and support you if you’re in financial difficulties or you’re struggling to pay your rent. The rent collected helps to pay for all the great work happening in our neighbourhoods including investment works, grounds maintenance and repairs.

Community Impact Team

Community Impact Team – We’re not just about homes. We can help with other personal or family circumstances you may need support with from finding a job, accessing training or volunteering to affordable food, welfare advice or help and advice on how to live independently.

Neighbourhood Care Team

Neighbourhood Care Team – We’re responsible for all aspects of grounds maintenance and cleaning within our neighbourhoods on a seasonal programme to ensure resources are provided across our neighbourhoods.

To find out when we’ll be in your area, visit our caretaking and gardening pages.


Our Sholver neighbourhood

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    I am happy with them, I have special needs and they have always been good, as they said they would be.

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    A lot of antisocial behaviour.

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  • Our client testimonials, pretty speech quotes icon

    Some neighbours do not keep their homes tidy.

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  • Our client testimonials, pretty speech quotes icon

    Make regular checks of our surroundings where we live.

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What our customers from the local area think


Feel we listen to their views and act on them


Are happy with the overall service


Say they are kept informed by us


Trust us as their housing provider


Love their neighbourhood


Feel we treat them fairly and with respect


Are satisfied with our complaint handling approach


Are satisfied with our approach to handling anti-social behaviour


Are happy with the time taken for their most recent repair


Are happy with the overall repairs service

You said, we will

Action plans: we asked our customers in the local area and they said...


We will:

Be introducing a monthly walkabout in the area. These will be more frequent in areas experiencing more issues around antisocial behaviour (ASB).

Ensure that our Community Legal Team is invited to walkabouts.

During walkabouts, customers can speak with us when we're in the area about their concerns.


Following ongoing fly tipping, ASB and damage to the blocks on Longfellow Crescent CCTV has been installed to all three blocks which can be monitored and gain footage as and when incidents occur.

Feedback from residents is that the effect they have had is great with minimal reports since installation. Working closely with our Community Legal team where evidence and issues have arisen to take enforcement action. Moving forward there is capability to gather evidence.

We will:

Conduct regular inspections of communal areas and individual gardens. Any issues will be addressed with customers at the time of the inspection, where possible.

Working with partners and customers to reduce the number of untidy gardens and improve the overall look and feel of the communal areas.

Ensure that the correct enforcement action is taken against illegal fly tippers and customers with untidy gardens and properties.


Focussing on untidy gardens following the completion of the fencing work, linking with our Neighbourhood Care team to plan a clean up day for Top and Bottom Sholver with partners at Oldham Council, FCHO and volunteers.

We will:

Ensure that areas with high concerns from customers are visited weekly, and all other areas are visited on a monthly basis.


In partnership working with Oldham Council and the local councillors the walkabout day has changed to tie in with street surgeries and a selection of addresses will be chosen each month to be joined by the local councillors and partners.

Regular visits with customers while on the estate and discussing options such as communal gardens with the Sholver Community group to make use of our open spaces.

We will:

Monthly walkabouts will be held by our Neighbourhood Co-ordinator and they will be visible on the estate for customers to approach and discuss any concerns and address any issues they may be experiencing.

We will:

Ensure that we respond to any contact from customers within 24 hours.

Take action and provide support including signposting to other teams and agencies.

Ensure that feedback is given to all concerns raised to our Neighbourhood Coordinator.


All enquiries are being responded to within 24 hours of receiving them.

Development - Carried out a stock tour with partners of our new build development on Hillside Close and the group were all really impressed with the site and the area.

Investment programmes - The fencing programme is well underway replacing the lap timer fencing and also painting all the wrought iron fencing around the blocks in black. The roofing programme is also continuing around the estate and should be completed later this year.

Our homes in Sholver

  • House types
    • 20 one bedroom flats
    • 90 two bedroom flats
    • 166 two bedroom houses
    • 288 three bedroom houses
    • 28 other types of houses
  • 52 homes have had new fire doors installed
  • 31 customers supported by adapting their homes
  • Top 3 repairs carried out:
    • Plumbing
    • Joinery
    • Electrical

Supporting our customers in Sholver

Facts and figures


People from the area supported into work


People from the area helped by our employment team


People from the area who we have helped stay in work

Getting involved in what's going on in Sholver

We know that living in a great community can make an area a great place to live.

We want to make sure that you have a stake in the place where you live which is why we are encouraging you have your say on your area. Get involved, make a difference, and help shape what matters to you.

From neighbourhood clean ups and drop in sessions, to block champions and customer voice panels. However you want to get involved we have lots of events going on.

Join your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator every 2nd Wednesday of every month from 10am - 12 noon where you can discuss any concerns or issues you may have with your home or area.