Gardening Services & Standards

Coronavirus: latest update on our grounds maintenance team

Thanks to all our customers for bearing with us while we had to postpone our grass cutting service due to coronavirus - we know that some of our areas looked a bit overgrown and unloved.

We have now resumed this service and our team will be cutting grass every four to five weeks. The schedule on our grass cutting web page shows you when our team will be cutting the grass near you.

All our staff have been provided with the necessary equipment and safety advice to ensure they can deliver our grass cutting service without risk to you or them. They are complying with government guidance on social distancing at work so if you can, please keep your distance from them if you see them working.

Grounds Maintenance teams

Our Grounds Maintenance teams provide grass cutting, hedge cutting and shrub pruning services which change throughout the year.

Our grass cutting service operates during the spring and summer months and stops for the autumn and winter.

Our grounds teams will be spend time within areas cutting back shrub beds and other essential maintenance in order to improve their appearance. This will take longer in some areas than others which mean you will not see grounds colleagues in some areas on a regular basis.

Gardening services and standards

Our customer promise to you is to deliver the following in your communal area:

We will when required:

  • Collect litter and rubbish from grassed areas, cut grass, trim edges, sweep or blow grass cuttings off pathways and other hard surfaces
  • Spot spray weeds in beds or remove
  • Spot spray weeds/moss on hard surfaces
  • Trim growth that is encroaching other areas, shrubs, hedges etc
  • Remove growth from tree bases
  • Prune shrubs, turn over soil and remove weeds
  • Undertake tree work on a rolling programme to any tree that is identified as dead, diseased, dying or a structural hazard. No other works will be completed on trees
  • Undertake treatment of invasive weeds as necessary to an agreed programme

Schedules are subject to change during bad weather.

Your views matter – to report an issue or give us feedback contact us.

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Want to know more

Contact us if you would like to know when we will be cleaning your block or gardening in your communal area.

Reporting issues

If you have any issues with cleaning or gardening in your block or communal area then please contact us.