Our Big Plan 2022-2025

Delivering homes we are proud of and improving lives is what we're all about and our Big Plan sets out our goals and aspirations for the period 2022-2025.

The two years leading up to this Big Plan were dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which was one of the most unusual and testing times for all of society.

Throughout this, our organisation rose to the challenge of providing services to our customers by adopting more flexible, creative and intuitive ways of working.

We now want to take that innovation forward during the next three years, so we can keep improving what and how we deliver for our customers. We will also strive to add value in everything we do.

We will follow this plan to provide a route map to raise our game and keep improving our services year on year.

Discover Our Big Plan Our Big Ambitions For Website July 2023

Our Big Ambitions are intended to push us to reach new levels of service delivery, which focus on our customers' needs and delivering homes and neighbourhoods we are all truly proud of.

Our Big Ambitions will be measured at the end of March 2025 to evidence our progress and we'll be sharing updates on our performance along the way.