Tenant Satisfaction Measures

How are we performing: Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures

What are Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

From April 2024 onwards, the Regulator of Social Housing has required all social housing providers in England to gather and report on 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).

These are gathered from customer surveys and our own data on how our services are performing and provide a way of consistently monitoring the performance of social housing providers, to make sure key services were being delivered effectively and equally to social housing customers across the country.

The TSMs also allow social housing customers to compare their landlord’s performance with the performance of other providers. We are required to report the results of the TSMs to customers at least once a year.

View our 2023-24 Tenant Satisfaction Measures

How does FCHO gather the satisfaction TSMs?

Instead of surveying a sample of customers, we decided all customers should have the opportunity to give us feedback on our performance. So, each year, around the anniversary of the date you moved into your home, you receive a text message from us inviting you to take part in an online or telephone survey. Anyone who takes part is entered into a monthly prize draw with a chance to win £50 of shopping vouchers.

What do we do with the results?

On average around 200 of our customers complete the TSM survey each month. The results are reported to our senior leadership team every month to monitor performance and identify areas of service improvement, and our Customer Voice Panel and Board every three months, enabling customers to hold us to account in delivering the necessary improvements.

If during the survey the customer mentions they are unhappy with any of the services they receive, at the end of the survey we ask if they would like a call back to discuss this with a member of FCHO staff. Our Contact Centre calls customers back to support them to resolve any ongoing problems, and we also use the learning from these calls to identify key areas of service improvement we need to focus on.