Re-usable face masks available for our frontline staff


Earlier this month we were pleased to receive a delivery of re-usable, branded face masks for our frontline staff.

As well as doing the job of keeping our staff, customers and the public safe, re-usable face masks are also much better for the environment.

According to figures, if everyone in the UK used one single-use face mask each day for a year, it would create a whopping 66,000 tonnes of plastic waste that cannot be recycled. This would add huge pressure on our already full landfills and would contribute to litter on our streets and lead to an increase in greenhouse gases.

Sustainability plays a large part in our organisation’s Strategic Delivery Plan (SDP) with our Homes and Investment directorate looking to produce a long-term sustainability strategy before summer 2021. We’ve already made the move to a greener fleet using AdBlue technology to eliminate harmful emissions and have recently piloted an innovative eco-friendly energy storage system in our new-build apartments in Failsworth.

As well as this, last month we welcomed Simon Davies, our new Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Manager to our Assets and Investments Strategy team.

Simon said: “Sustainability has been my passion since I was about five years old and right now, it’s more important than ever and it’s only getting more prominent. I’m really excited about my new role here at First Choice Homes Oldham and looking forward to making a difference.”

So keep your eyes peeled for more green, eco-friendly news coming soon.