Customers in Failsworth set for greener, smarter future


It’s the National Housing Federation’s fourth week of action to highlight how crucial good social housing is to the country’s recovery from coronavirus. This week is all about how housing can help tackle climate change and we’re putting the spotlight on one of our new developments in Failsworth.

Making homes more environmentally friendly and economical to run are among the benefits that smart, green technology will bring for customers who’ll be moving into new apartments on Albert Street West and Woodhall Street later in the year when the build is finished.

In these homes, which are due for completion in the autumn, we are piloting an innovative energy storage system which combines photovoltaic solar panels with batteries and electric storage heaters to help reduce the homes’ carbon footprint.

Solar panels fitted at the homes will generate energy, which is stored in the batteries. Customers can then use this energy whenever they want to run low carbon, electric storage heaters to heat their homes, rather than relying on gas central heating powered by high carbon fossil fuels.

Smart technology in the system also draws energy from the national grid from low-carbon energy sources at off-peak times of the day, when the demand for it is low, so it’s cheaper for customers to buy. Again this energy is then stored in the batteries and used to run the electric storage heaters when required.

Our homes are among 100 across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and France participating in the EU funded RED WoLF project and trialling the new energy storage system. Installation in our homes will be completed by September 2020.

For an overview of the project, watch our video below.

Danielle Ashworth, FCHO Head of Development, Assets and Development said: "Sustainability is a priority for us and we are reviewing ways to minimise the environmental impact of our new build homes and existing properties, and increase their energy efficiency. In doing so our customers can benefit from good quality housing that’s fit for the future, lower energy bills and more money in their pockets. Taking part in the RED WoLF pilot is an exciting step for us and we look forward to the results it delivers.”

You can read more about the new apartments on Albert Street West and Woodhall Street in the new developments section on our website.