Neighbourhood Care is putting down more roots with annual tree planting programme


Great news, we’re planting 40 new trees in neighbourhoods across Oldham.

The tree planting is part of our work to help make your neighbourhoods great places to live now and in the future as well as helping the environment.

We're investing £10,000 to plant the trees in FCHO-owned green space near main roads to:

  • improve the appearance of neighbourhoods
  • absorb carbon dioxide, a cause of climate change, while releasing oxygen back into the air.
  • support wellbeing of local people
  • provide important habitats for wildlife
  • help improve air quality

We’ll be working with local tree contractor Limb 2 Limb to plant the trees in Waterhead, Hollinwood, Coldhurst, Dobcross and Greenfield. We’ve chosen a combination of silver birch and cherry blossom trees which will bring some beautiful colour to the neighbourhoods in spring, summer and autumn.

We're also installing a watering system with each tree to help keep it healthy and strong, especially during the drier summer months.

David Wrigley Head of Neighbourhood Care said: "We know that improving the green spaces where you live is important to our customers. Planting these 40 new trees is among the ways we're working to help make your neighbourhoods more attractive now and in years to come, and also help reduce our environmental impact."

Simon Davies, FCHO Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Manager, said: "Trees play a crucial role in making our urban areas more resilient and help combat climate change, and I look forward to the benefits these new trees will deliver to our customers, the borough and the planet."

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we're planting 40 new trees across neighbourhoods