Tree Services


We are committed to providing and maintaining great places for our customers to live, and this includes looking after trees in our neighbourhoods.

We are very fortunate to have a healthy and rich tree stock which provides lots of environmental benefits, promotes health and wellbeing to our customers and enhances the appearance of our communities.

Find out about our tree care and management schedule for trees.

How do we manage trees?

We only carry out essential works to trees where they are dead, diseased or in immediate danger of causing structural damage to our properties. If this is the case, please call our Contact Centre on 0161 393 7117.

Where don’t we manage trees?

We don’t manage trees that are causing problems with any of the following:

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Falling leaves
  • Dripping sap or bird droppings
  • Phone wires
  • TV reception
  • Size or appearance

Anything else will be classed as a routine issue.

Snow, leaves and ice

It is currently our policy to not remove excessive leaf fall in areas or to grit areas after period of snow or ice. Residents should take the appropriate steps in areas where these occur.

Routine tree issues

Any routine tree issues will be picked up by our tree inspection programme.

The tree inspection schedule on this page shows you when we will be inspecting trees in your area.

Tree planting

We are committed to replacing any trees that we have to remove because they are dead, diseased, dying or in immediate danger of causing structural damage to our properties.

If you think an area of FCHO-owned open space would benefit from new trees, please let us know by completing the form on this page.

Tree inspection schedule 2023-2025

November 2023: Chadderton South

January 2024: Coldhurst Barker Street

February 2024: Shaw and Crompton

March 2024: Shaw and Crompton

April 2024: Royton North and High Crompton

May 2024: Royton North and High Crompton

June 2024: Royton South

July 2024: Royton South

August 2024: Egerton Street and Glodwick

September 2024: Eldon Street and Hathershaw

October 2024: Coldhurst - Burnley Street, Busk and West Street

November 2024: Alt

January 2025: Alt

February 2025: Derker

March 2025: Derker

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