How to check if your appliances are working

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How to reset a Residual Current Device (RCD):

  • Switch all fuses (MCBs and RCDs) to the off position excluding the main red switch
  • Switch on the RCD(s)
  • Then one by one turn on each fuse (MCB)
  • Once you attempt to switch the affected fuse back on, this will once again trip out the RCD
  • Leave the affected fuse switched off, then switch all other fuses (MCBs and RCDs) into the ‘on’ position
  • You should now have power to all circuits excluding the affected one
  • If the sockets circuit is the affected circuit please follow instructions below

How to reset an RCD (faulty appliance):

  • Unplug all appliances from sockets (ensure they are unplugged rather than just switched off as the RCD can still detect a faulty appliance when the socket is switched off)
  • Ensure all items are unplugged including washing machine, fridge, etc and cooker/shower (only the cooker and shower) switched off at isolation switch
  • Reset the RCD by switching it back to the ‘on’ position
  • Plug the accessories back in, one at a time
  • The RCD may trip again when the faulty appliance that was causing it to trip is plugged back in. Leave this item unplugged and reset the RCD again, it will now stay on
  • The accessory that is causing the RCD to trip is faulty and will either need to be repaired or replaced

How to isolate circuit in the case of water on electrics:

In most circumstances the affected electrical circuit will be the lighting circuit so this is the example used, but this will work for any other circuit e.g. cooker, shower and sockets.

  • All fuses (MCBs) will be identified. This will be found either written or a picture equivalent underneath the individual fuse
  • Find the affected lighting circuit. This could be split into upstairs and downstairs lighting or could be one lighting circuit for both
  • Switch this fuse into the ‘off’ position – this circuit will now be isolated and de-energised
  • Temporarily place some electrical tape or equivalent over the fuse to prevent others from switching on and re-energising the circuit
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