Electrical safety

We have a responsibility for your safety in relation to electrical fixed wiring in your home. That's why we:

  • Ensure your electrical system is maintained and in a safe condition
  • Carry out electrical safety checks on your electrical systems every five years

Your responsibilities

We do not have a responsibility to maintain or carry out safety checks to electrical appliances which are owned by our customers.

If you are planning to carry out any electrical improvement work to your home, then ensure this work is carried out by a qualified electrician.

Our customers have a responsibility to report any electrical faults and allow access for electrical repairs or electrical safety checks to be completed in your home.

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Electrical safety checks

What is an electrical safety check?

An electrical safety check is a report which assess whether or not the electrical system to a property is safe to use. This is also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Why is it important to have an electrical safety check?

Having an electrical safety check carried out will ensure the electrical system in your home is safe for you to use and meets the standards set-out by the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) Wiring Regulations.

How often are electrical safety checks carried out?

Electrical safety checks are carried out every five years and during every change of tenancy.

What is carried out during an electrical safety check?

  • Full visual and functional inspection of all the electrical accessories in your home (sockets, switches, lighting points, etc.) Any which are found to be damaged or faulty will be replaced
  • A series of tests will be carried out on the wiring. If any of the wiring is found to be substandard or damaged it will be repaired or replaced
  • The consumer unit (electric box)
  • An Electrical Condition Installation Condition Report will be completed

How long will it take to carry out an electrical safety check?

An electrical safety check will normally take no more than three hours to complete, however if any faults are identified it may take longer.

Where and what will the engineer require access too?

The engineer will require access to all the rooms in your home and to all your electrical accessories. If any of your electrical accessories are covered by equipment which cannot be moved, for example a wardrobe or fish tank, you will not be expected to move these.

Power cuts or metering issues

If you experience a problem with your incoming electricity supply, then contact Electricity Northwest for free by calling 0800 195 4141.

If you experience a problem with you electricity meter, then contact your nominated supplier.

Protecting yourself from electrical danger

  • Check that sockets, switches and light fittings are in good condition with no signs of damage such as cracking or burn marks. If any of these defects are found please report it by calling 0161 393 7117.
  • Check that leads (flexible cables) on appliances aren’t damaged or frayed

Take action to reduce the risk of electrical accidents and fires

  • Don’t overload sockets, limit the use of extension leads and do not use plug-in adaptors
  • Don’t attempt to use electrical appliances from overseas in the UK. Products manufactured for use in other countries may operate at a different voltage and frequency
  • Don’t attempt any repairs to the electrical wiring or appliances yourself
  • Don’t take mains-powered electrical products into the bathroom
  • Don’t touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands
  • Do call us immediately on 0161 393 7117 if you think there is a problem or have any doubts about your electrical system
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Any problems?

Call us immediately on 0161 393 7117 if you think there is a problem or have any doubts about your electrical system.