Tree stock survey 2023-25

We are continuing with our tree stock surveyto inspect the trees in the gardens of FCHO-owned homes.

The purpose of the survey is to confirm how many trees we have in the gardens of FCHO-owned homes, note any potential health and safety risks to customers and members of the public, schedule tree management work where it’s needed and identify areas for planting new tree stock.

This survey is not designed to remove trees. Trees are extremely valuable assets in neighbourhoods and the survey will help us better manage our tree stock so you, your families and friends can benefit from it now and in the future

We have around thousands of trees on land we own and we anticipate it will take us approx. four years to get round all your neighbourhoods.

Which trees are we surveying?

We will be surveying trees in the gardens of all our houses and maisonettes.

Who will be carrying out the tree survey work?

Our own Arboriculture specialist.

What do we need you to do?

Please allow the team access to your garden and highlight any concerns you have relating to the trees.

When will we be surveying trees in your neighbourhood?

The team will be surveying trees on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis. You can see when they will be carrying out tree surveys in your area by checking the schedule on this page.

Are you going to remove trees?

The survey is not underway to remove trees. Trees are extremely valuable assets in neighbourhoods and we only carry out essential works to trees where they are dead, diseased or in immediate danger of causing structural damage to properties.

We don’t manage trees that are causing problems with any of the following:

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Falling leaves
  • Dripping sap or bird droppings
  • Phone wires
  • TV reception
  • Size or appearance

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Got more questions about our tree stock survey?

Please get in touch with our Contact Centre. You can call us on 0161 393 7117 or email

Tree inspection schedule 2023-2025

November 2023: Chadderton South

January 2024: Coldhurst Barker Street

February 2024: Shaw and Crompton

March 2024: Shaw and Crompton

April 2024: Royton North and High Crompton

May 2024: Royton North and High Crompton

June 2024: Royton South

July 2024: Royton South

August 2024: Egerton Street and Glodwick

September 2024: Eldon Street and Hathershaw

October 2024: Coldhurst - Burnley Street, Busk and West Street

November 2024: Alt

January 2025: Alt

February 2025: Derker

March 2025: Derker