Win £100 for keeping your rent account up to date or reducing your arrears


This month we’re giving you the chance to win £100 for keeping your rent account clear or paying off some of your arrears.

You will automatically be entered into our prize draws if:

  • Your rent account is up to date by Sunday 31 March 2024. You will have ten chances of winning £100 paid straight into your bank account.
  • You’re in arrears but make a payment of any amount before Sunday 31 March 2024 to help reduce your debt. You’ll have ten chances to have £100 paid onto your rent account to shrink your balance even more!

Need to check your rent account balance? Log onto My Account or phone us on 0161 393 5353.

Prize draws
These prize draws are a thank you to customers for keeping up with their rent payments or doing their best to clear their arrears.

All our income goes back into providing quality homes and services that support our customers and local communities. However, we are deeply aware of the financial pressures customers may be facing with the high cost of living, and if you are concerned about your ability to pay your rent or are finding it hard to manage other costs, we are here to help you.

We can provide personalised advice and support, if you need it, so do get in touch as early as possible to see how we can work together to stop any debts from escalating.

Call our team on 0161 393 5353 or email