We’re backing Hate Crime Awareness Week 1-7 February 2021


No hate crime is acceptable and this week we’re joining our partners across Greater Manchester to mark Hate Crime Awareness week.

Hate crime can have a devastating effect on someone’s life and we’re spreading the word that if you’ve been a victim or witness of hate crime, report it and get support. Whatever you’ve been through, you are not alone.

You can report it to Greater Manchester Police on '101' or visit www.letsendhatecrime.com  to report or receive help.

Hate crime

Hate crimes are crimes committed against someone because of their race, religion, disability, trans identity or sexual orientation. These are the personal characteristics currently identified by law, however in Greater Manchester we also record hate crimes against alternative sub-culture.

Crimes of this nature can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault, bullying, or damage to property.

Taking action against hate crime

The aim of Greater Manchester’s Hate Crime Awareness Week is to raise awareness of hate crime, while also encouraging victims to report hate crime incidents in the city-region.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, events to mark the annual week of action have moved online. For full details about what’s happening, visit the GMCA website.

All week we’ll be supporting Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week and sharing messages of support on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #WeStandTogether.