Mow stopping us! Grass cutting season starts this week


Our annual grass cutting programme kicks off this week to keep your neighbourhoods looking good through the spring and summer months.

Our Neighbourhood Care team is carrying out the first cut of grass in your area, and between now and October they’ll be cutting grass every two weeks. It will take us on average 3 weeks to get round the borough to do the first cut of grass. We thank all of you for bearing with us during the initial grass cutting period.

See when we’ll be cutting the grass in your neighbourhood by checking our grass cutting schedule

Making neighbourhoods nature friendly

This year sees the launch of our nature friendly zones to encourage biodiversity in our neighbourhoods and help limit our carbon footprint. Signs are going up on plots in Sholver, Derker, Littlemoor, Royton, Bardsley, Chadderton, Holts, Alt, Limeside and Delph where grass will be left to grow until the end of the cutting season in October. The amount of land equates to less than 1% of all the grassed areas we maintain. Our team will cut a two-metre strip around the outside of each plot as well as a walkway through the middle for you to use.

We are also building on good work started last year to introduce wildflower areas in neighbourhoods across the borough. These have been planted again this year with a selection of seeds to create our own areas for wildflowering plants to grow.

If you would like us to plant wildflower plots in your neighbourhood, please get in touch with us. Email or call 0161 393 7117.

David Wrigley, our Head of Neighbourhood Care says: “Feedback from our customers tells us how important to you the appearance of green space in your neighbourhoods is and our team works hard to keep it looking its best.

“We’re also working to minimise our environmental impact by adopting more sustainable ways of working, which customers have also told us they want to see. By introducing ‘no cut zones’ and wildflower beds we hope wildlife like bees and other insects that depend on them will flourish and thrive in your local area, and local people can connect with nature as the areas grow.”

Where we cut grass
We cut grass on land we own outside the boundary of your home and in communal areas.

Grass cuttings

We don't collect the cuttings but they will be blown away from your property and footpaths will be swept clear of any grass after every cut. Read more.

Grass cutting in your neighbourhood
Find out when our team will be cutting grass in your neighbourhood on our schedule on our grass cutting schedule page. We do our best to keep to this schedule but unfortunately we can’t cut grass when the weather and ground conditions are wet.