Keeping you safe: We’re supporting Gas Safety Week!


Keeping you safe in your home is our top priority and we’re supporting Gas Safety Week to raise awareness of gas safety to help protect you, your family, friends and neighbours.

This year Gas Safety week is focusing on the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. The consequences are serious and can be fatal: every year, people die or are seriously injured by poorly maintained gas appliances.

Steve Mather, FCHO Director of Operations said: “Keeping our customers safe all year around is so important to us. It’s also a legal requirement that we carry out an annual gas safety check of all gas appliances in your home and we actually do this more frequently for our customers - every ten months - to check that everything is as it should be.

“These checks are vital to keep you and those around you safe in your homes, so please continue to let our engineers into your home to complete them. If you need to rearrange your appointment to a more convenient time, please call Sure Maintenance on 03333 212797.

Our team of specialist ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers from Sure Maintenance, who carry out the safety checks, are continuing to implement Covid-19 safe working practices. Please follow their advice whilst they are working in your home. If you are self-isolating and have a gas safety check booked, you must let us know and we can rearrange it.

All week we’ll be raising awareness of why your annual gas safety check is vital and sharing tips to help you stay gas safe. Join in the conversation on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Your annual gas safety check

Keeping you safe in your home is our top priority and by law we must carry out an annual gas safety check of all gas appliances in your home.  At FCHO we actually do this more frequently - every ten months - to check that everything is as it should be.

Arranging your gas safety check

We’ll write to you to let you know when your gas safety check appointment will be.

We’ll give you plenty of notice – a minimum of 42 days – and if the appointment isn’t convenient, you can rebook it by contacting Sure Maintenance on 03333 212797.

The day before your appointment we’ll send you a text reminder of your appointment.

Who carries out your gas safety check?

We work with specialist ‘Gas Safe’ registered contractor, Sure Maintenance to carry out your gas safety check.

All the engineers are qualified and have completed a rigorous ‘Gas Safe’ assessment. We also independently check their work regularly to ensure that they are meeting the appropriate standards.

All FCHO staff and contractors we work with always carry photo ID. If someone visits your home claiming to be from FCHO or an organisation linked with us, always check their ID. If you’re still suspicious about them, call our Contact Centre on 0161 393 7117.

What to expect from your gas safety check

The check usually takes about 40 minutes, providing no emergency repairs are needed. The engineer will:

  • Check gas pipework and ensure flues and appliances are in a safe condition at your home
  • Carry out an annual gas safety check on the heating system including any gas appliances in the home and flues

What we ask you to do

It’s really important that you are available for your annual gas safety check and you let our engineers into your home to help keep you, your family, friends and neighbours safe.

Allowing our engineers access to your home for the gas safety check is also part of your tenancy agreement so we ask you to work with us to make sure it goes ahead.

If you need to rearrange your appointment, please contact Sure Maintenance on 03333 212797.

We ask you to make sure access to gas appliances like your boiler, cooker, gas fire or wall heater etc. is clear so our engineer can complete the safety check.

If you have a card gas meter, please ensure you have enough credit on the meter for the service to be completed.

Tips for staying gas safe in your home

  • Look out for gas appliance warning signs. If your appliance isn’t working as it should be, there are signs to look out for like yellow flames, extra condensation, and black marks around the appliance. If you think your appliance is faulty, turn it off and report it to us.
  • Don’t try and fix your own gas appliances. Instead book a repair and one of our registered ‘Gas Safe’ engineers will come and fix it quickly and safely.
  • If you have a carbon monoxide detector, test it regularly to make sure it works properly.
  • Know the signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Look out for headaches, dizziness, nausea, and breathlessness. In the event you experience these symptoms, seek medical help immediately and call the gas emergency number 0800 111 999.
  • Don’t cover or block vents. They are there to make sure your gas appliances work safely and efficiently.

Smell gas inside your home?

Here’s what to do if you smell gas inside your home:

  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the property.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency Service number 0800 111 999. The number operates 24/7 and is free to call.
  • Turn off the gas at the mains tap, unless this is in the cellar. Not sure where your mains tap is? Call us today on 0161 393 7117.
  • Evacuate everyone from the property immediately.
  • Don’t turn any power or light switches on or off.
  • Don’t smoke or light matches within the property.

More information about gas safety in your home.