Getting set for spring: weed control in your neighbourhood


From this week our Neighbourhood Care team will be out in neighbourhoods getting ready for the grass cutting season to begin later in March.

Among the jobs you’re likely to see the team doing is spraying weeds in FCHO owned areas. You’ll be able to spot them because they will be dressed in protective suits, as shown here by Ronnie from our Neighbourhood Care team.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Where will our team be treating weeds?

  • Along fence lines
  • Around obstacles, like lampposts and concrete bollards.
  • In shrub beds

What will we use to treat weeds?

Our team will be using environmentally approved and effective, low toxicity herbicides. These are harmless to humans and animals used in this way.

When will our team treat weeds in your neighbourhood?

You can see when our team will be working in your neighbourhood by visiting our Winter Maintenance page. Please note we can’t spray weeds in wet or windy weather.

Working safely in your neighbourhoods

We are still able to look after the communal areas in your neighbourhood under current Covid-19 rules. Our staff have been provided with the necessary equipment and safety advice to ensure they can deliver their services without risk to you or them. Please keep your distance from them if you see them working.

Weed Spraying