ROCA Have No Fear, ROCA 2021 Is Here

Today we have launched our first round of Respect Our Community Awards (ROCA) funding for 2021, as the government’s roadmap out of lockdown gets underway. The ROCA scheme opens today (Monday 22 March 2021) and will run until 5pm on Monday 12 April 2021, allowing community and voluntary groups to...

Debt Awareness Week Website

We’re getting behind Debt Awareness Week 22-28 March and reminding you that if you need advice about managing money, tackling debt, or are worried about your ability to pay your rent we are here for you. If you’re struggling financially our specialist teams can help you get on top of what you owe...

Grass Cutting Website

Great news! This week our Neighbourhood Care team begins its annual grass cutting programme in your neighbourhoods to keep them looking good through the spring and summer months. From 22 March our team will be busy carrying out the first cut of grass in your area. Social distancing guidelines to...

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This week we’ll begin our tree stock survey to inspect trees in the gardens of FCHO-owned homes and Derker is the first neighbourhood we’ll be working in. The purpose of the survey is to confirm how many trees we have in the gardens of FCHO-owned homes, note any potential health and safety risks...


Recently we've been receiving loads of reports of blocked drains, but did you know, most blockages are preventable? The most common reason our customers' drains are becoming blocked is: Pouring fat down the sink or toiletIf you do this, when the fat cools, it congeals and will clog your pipes, r...

Income Collection Copy

Exciting news! We’re giving you the chance to win £100 for keeping your rent account clear or paying off some of your arrears this month. You will automatically be entered into our prize draws if: Your rent account is up to date by 6 April ‘21. You’ll have ten chances of winning £100 paid straig...

Donna Cezair (3)

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, the theme of which is ‘choose to challenge’, Donna, who recently joined our organisation as CEO, talks about the challenges she has faced both professionally and personally. A long, long time ago I was given a book called ‘Never give up’ by the author Jacky...

Feb Customer Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter we sent to you our lovely customers with lots of updates from us. Donna introduces herself as our new Chief Executive, as well as: TBBT comes to Royton Support or advice to pay your rent West Vale update and lots more!

Keith Mcfarlane Social Quote

This week is National Careers Week 2021 and throughout the week, we’ll be sharing some top tips from our colleagues to help Oldham’s youngsters as they come up to the challenging time that is picking their ‘options’. It’s a difficult time for everyone. Most people don’t have a clue what they want...

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From this week our Neighbourhood Care team will be out in neighbourhoods getting ready for the grass cutting season to begin later in March. Among the jobs you’re likely to see the team doing is spraying weeds in FCHO owned areas. You’ll be able to spot them because they will be dressed in protec...

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