Stephenson St


We're boosting supply of high quality, affordable and sustainable homes by delivering our first modular housing development in Waterhead.

The modular housing scheme on Stephenson St will provide twelve two-bedroom apartments, all for affordable rent

Housing mix

12 two-bedroom apartments


All homes will be for affordable rent.

Key dates

Start on site: January 2022

Practical completion: July 222

Contract cost



Contractor: Multi Utility UK

Employers Agent: Whiteley Eaves


The modern apartments are being assembled complete with steel frame, timber studwork internal walls, pre-fitted insulation and plasterboard, plumbing, electrics and kitchens before they leave the Multi Utility Uk's factory, which is a more efficient and sustainable process compared with a traditional build projects. Other benefits of the modular build include better design, reduced waste, consistent high quality and improved site safety. Good energy efficiency of the homes will help to keep running costs low for customers too.

The modular method of construction is more efficient and sustainable compared with a traditional build projects
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