Our service standards

We are committed to supporting our customers by providing homes of a high standard.

This is the level of service you can expect to receive before you move in.

Health and Safety checks

  • The property will be free from obvious signs of damp, mould and infestation
  • An electrical safety check will be completed and an energy performance certificate issued
  • Properties with their own gas supply will be capped while unoccupied. When you move in, it’s your responsibility to call our heating contractor to turn on the heating system
  • All properties will have had an asbestos survey and will be made safe, in line with our asbestos management policy
  • All properties will have a hard wired smoke alarm installed


  • All internal windows and sills will be cleaned and wiped down
  • Walls and ceilings will be free of dirt and cobwebs
  • All woodwork will be wiped down
  • Any radiators or fire surrounds will be wiped down
  • Kitchen units, shelves and drawers will be cleaned and free from dirt/grease
  • All tiled surfaces (including grout) will be free from mould
  • All bathroom fittings will be cleaned and sanitised

Doors and windows

  • All locks to external doors will be replaced and a minimum of two keys. We will supply you with at least one fob for any communal doors
  • External doors and windows will be watertight and open and close with We will supply you with one window key
  • All internal doors will open and close with ease and have working handles

Floors and stairs

  • Floors will be free from visible and obvious structural defects, holes and trip hazards
  • Stairs and handrails will be safe and secure

Walls and ceilings

  • The living room and bedrooms will have curtain battens fitted above the windows
  • All visible plasterwork will be intact and ready for redecoration
  • Small cracks and minor filling is your responsibility to carry out when redecorating


  • The number of units provided will be determined by the space Where possible, there will be a minimum of a sink base plus the equivalent of two double units
  • A space will be provided for a fridge/freezer. If this is not possible we will accommodate one in an adjacent room
  • Where space is available there will be a gap for a washing machine and we will provide a water supply and drainage for You will need to make your own arrangements to have your washing machine connected
  • A cooker space will be provided with either a gas and/or electric You will need to have your cooker connected
  • If space is limited you may need to have slim line appliances to fit within the kitchen. If this is the case it will be discussed with you before you move in
  • At least one row of splash back tiles will be fitted above all work tops


  • A new toilet seat will be fitted
  • A new shower curtain will be provided where there is a shower installed
  • Baths and basins will have clean mould free sealants
  • If an extractor fan has been fitted it will be serviced and If a fan isn’t already fitted, one will be provided either when your bathroom is renewed or your property is rewired
  • All plugs and chains will be in place
  • At least one row of tiles will be fixed above basins and baths

Disabled adaptations

  • If a property has previously been adapted (such as a level access shower) we will normally retain this fixture
  • This type of adaptation is not normally replaced with a bath


If the existing decoration is worn/tired, we may contribute toward the cost of redecoration by providing you with a This will be discussed with you before you move in

External works and gardens

  • Perimeter paths around the property and leading to the front door will be free from trip hazards
  • Gardens will be free from rubbish
  • Gutters and downpipes will be repaired or replaced where necessary
  • Gullies will be clear and grates will be in place
  • Overgrown gardens will be strimmed
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