Cost to use home appliances

Understanding costs in your home

This guide helps you understand what different appliances in your home might cost to operate. It can be read with Energy Series 01 - Understanding Kilowatt Hours to help you make savings in the home.

How much do your appliances cost to run?

The table below lists common appliances and their typical power rating.

The costs of the appliances are based on a unit rate of 20 pence per kWh.

Generally anything that provides heating or has moving parts will be more expensive to power. Using relatively expensive to use appliances for shorter periods of time will make a difference over a longer period, such as a year.

The power rating of the individual appliance. This will vary depending on the make and model you have.

The wattage of your appliance will determine the actual cost. We have provided a minimum and maximum model you have.

Cost Of Appliances Table (Guide 10)
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