Success Stories

The Directions Team have supported customers with all aspects of getting employment. Supporting customers with updating their CV, interview coaching, building confidence and can even help with getting interview clothes.

Michael - Directions customer

"Without the employment service, I wouldn’t have got the job that I have applied for. That’s why I bought Sarah flowers! When I first came to First Choice Homes Oldham on the employment service, I didn’t know what I was doing. She put me on some courses and that’s when I got my confidence back. Sarah helped me with everything to do with job seeking and listened to what work I wanted to do. Then I started applying for jobs with her help. I got a temporary job at First Choice Homes Oldham, then Sarah helped me to look for a more permanent role. She helped me with applications and advised me about the job at Casey’s and then I went for it. I got the job at Caseys and its permanent. I’m doing a lot of maintenance work and the role is really good. I’m very very busy but I love it!"

Marie - Directions customer

Marie was referred to Directions after wanting to get back into work after 15 years of raising a family. She was lacking in confidence and wasn’t sure what to do about getting a job.

When Marie met with one of our advisors, Sarah, she was able to put together a CV showing her skills and experience. With help from Sarah they searched and applied for jobs. Marie was invited to an interview as a midday supervisor and was offered the job!

Marie said; ‘I think the service is really helpful and there’s no pressure. It’s nice to have someone to help you find work and show you  job sites. Sarah was really helpful and without her, I wouldn’t be sat here with a job, I’d still be looking for work.”

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