Working Together

FCHO has a 'Stronger Communities' team, who work with people and groups who want to get involved in their community or with FCHO.

Community Development:

Our focus is ‘Asset Based Community Development’. This means we start by helping customers map out their skills & interests and then work with them to either set up regular activities or hold one-off events.


We deliver a range of in house training packages, enabling customers to make the most of their interests, skills & connections.

Personal Development:

We provide opportunities for customers to develop their skills through volunteering with FCHO & Partner led projects.


We provide support to complete funding applications as well as identifying potential funding sources.


We develop & sustain effective involvement in our formal decision making processes, including recruitment and training for the Customer Congress.

Customer Congress:

As part of the Governance of FCHO we have a Customer Congress. The customer congress scrutinises the performance of the organisation and has the opportunity to shape services.

The Congress meets every six weeks, with some meetings in between to look at specific areas of work.

How do I get involved?

There is an application process as there are limited number of places. We are always looking for customers to join the congress and a full training programme is provided. Please contact us for more information.

Got an idea for your community?

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You can read our involvement strategy


The strategy is summarised in an infographic

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