Routine Tree Issues

Your environmental officer carries out tree inspections on a 3-year cycle. They will note any reports made to them by customers, which will then be inspected on the next scheduled visit.

Common routine issues are:

  • Blocked light
  • Aerials or satellite dishes effected
  • Branches overhanging

Report issues below:

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Please note: any routine issues reported here will be added to the next scheduled inspection.

Tree Inspection Schedule

Winter 2019 to Spring 2021

Winter 2019:

High Crompton and Higginshaw and Heyside

Spring 2019:

Littlemoor, Hollinwood

Summer 2019:

Chadderton Central, Barker Street, Clarkwell, Eldon Street, Coppice

Autumn 2019:

Top Derker, Tilton Street, Greenacres, Waterhead, Egerton Street and St Mary's

Winter 2020:

Royton North and Royton South

Spring 2020:

Failsworth West and Chadderton South

Summer 2020:

Holts, Chadderton North, West Street and Werneth

Autumn 2020:

Sholver, Bottom Derker, Clarksfield and Glodwick

Winter 2021:

Failsworth East and Coldhurst

Routine Tree Issues form

All tree pruning and other non-emergency work to trees is carried out after a tree inspection.

Trees should not need pruning more than once every 3 years, which is why there is an official tree inspection in each area every 3 years.

All pruning takes place after advice from an arborist and is at their discretion.