Report an issue

In this section you can find information about what classes as a routine or emergency check and how to report each type

Routine Inspections Emergencies

Is it an emergency?

An emergency is classed as a situation where there is a diseased, dying or dangerous tree . Most other issues are routine.

Tree Inspections

Each area is scheduled to have an official tree inspection once every 3 years. Any routine issues reported will be assessed at this time.


Routine work is usually carried out within 6 weeks of being ordered following the tree inspection (this may take longer at peak times of the year).

All emergency work is assessed and carried out as soon as possible  (without waiting for the next scheduled tree inspection).

What isn't covered:

Our service does not visit or carry out work to trees for:

  • Falling leaves and/or sap
  • Birds nests and/or dropping

Home owners - has your property been damaged by one of our trees?

Information you need to provide:

1) Evidence from a structural engineer or similar confirming that the damage has been caused by a tree

2) Information confirming the location of the tree

3) Send these to FCHO at

We will then consider your information and aim to provide a response within 14 days

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