Tower Block Plans

We are planning a major investment that will transform a key gateway to Oldham Town Centre.

Our plans will see the demolition of two ageing tower blocks in the West Street area to make way for much needed family homes.

We will also be carrying out improvement works on more than 100 homes.

Earlier this year we began a major review of our high-rise housing blocks to ensure homes are in good condition and provide value to customers.

The review found that the 1970s blocks at Crossbank House and Summervale House along with the accommodation at Flemming Place, no longer meet the needs of customers and should be replaced.

The blocks are unpopular with local people, and while there are no safety concerns, extensive repairs and maintenance at considerable cost would be needed to extend their life.

Last year one fifth of all people living in Crossbank House and Summervale House decided to move out. While satisfaction with landlord performance remains high, less than half of the people living in the blocks said they were satisfied with the neighbourhood where the blocks are located.

The transformation plans will also see external improvement works carried out on around 100 homes at Montgomery House and Littlemoor House.

Our absolute priority now will be to work with customers living within Crossbank House, Summervale House and Flemming Place, to discuss their needs and provide them with all the help and support they require to find and move into another home.

We want to keep you informed about our plans every step of the way and will be regularly updating this page with all the latest information.

Customers with questions about the plans should call 0161 393 5262 or email

If you live in Summervale House, Crossbank House, Montgomery House, Littlemoor House or Rountree House you can click on the links to find out what these plans mean for your home.

Summervale House and Crossbank House

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Montgomery House and Littlemoor House

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Rountree House

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