Your Home, Your Life

The BGreen Project is a pioneering initiative across 2 wards and 5 estates in Central Oldham.

The BGreen project served to inject new life into the area

The guiding principle of BGreen is collaboration - working with the community to achieve together.

Identified as the first pilot for the new FCHO Asset and Neighbourhood Plan framework, the BGreen initiative aligned itself with the Oldham MBC Public Services Reform pilot, testing how co-designing and pooling resources could deliver better value and improve the outcomes and performance of localised community services. Working in partnership with British Gas, Oldham Council, contractor Forrest and Savills the estate agent, there was a £21 million improvement programme, funded by British Gas and FCHO.

BGreen in the News


The innovative approach taken is gaining recognition both in the housing and energy sectors.


Housing Innovation Awards 2016 - Most Innovative Regeneration Scheme


Housing Excellence Awards 2016 - Best Partnering Scheme (with British Gas)


Short listed:

National Housing Awards 2016 - Most Innovative or Specialist Solution

Housing Innovation Awards 2016 - Most Innovative Retrofit Scheme

National Housing Awards 2015 - Most Innovative or Specialist Solution


As part of our work in the BGreen area we made six pledges

BHeard BHealthy BProud BReady BSafe BWarm
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