We’ve launched our new repairs and maintenance policy – here’s what it means for you


We have refreshed our repairs and maintenance policy to help make it as efficient as possible for you as our customers and us as a social housing provider.

We’ve also been working hard to implement some key changes in how we manage repairs and maintenance of our homes – consulting with customers throughout and taking your feedback on board.

You told us what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you thought should stay the same and what could be improved, and we’re now in a position to start rolling out these changes.

What’s changed?

When you report a repair, we allocate each repair under a specific category.

You told us you thought the categories were confusing. We listened and we have changed the names and criteria of our repairs categories. This means every repair is now classified under one of four categories.

These are:

  • Emergency repair
    Any defect that puts the health, safety or security of the home, the customer or visitors at immediate risk. All emergency repairs will be attended within three hours and made safe and wherever possible, a full repair will be carried out. If this is not possible, a new appointment will be arranged at a time convenient for you
  • Priority repair
    A repair which is not an immediate risk but could progress into an emergency repair if not resolved. Priority repairs also include any repairs which prevent you from having full use of your property, facilities or services. These will be completed within five working days. If the repair requires a major replacement in order to fully complete the job, then a future routine repair may be required after the priority issue has been dealt with. This will be delivered within the required timescales at a time convenient for you
  • Routine repair
    A repair that does not fall within the emergency or priority categories and does not pose a risk of harm. These will be fully competed within 20 working days during an appointment convenient for you
  • Major repair
    A large or specialist repair that cannot be completed within 20 working days, due to the specialist nature, materials required or size of the repair. Major repairs will be carried out within 90 working days from the time a repair is reported, at an appointment convenient for you

What we expect from you before we come

We’ve also made it clear what our customers need to do before we arrive, so we’re able to carry out repairs as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

This includes:

  • Clearing the area that needs the repair before we arrive. This includes moving any personal belongings, furniture, wall or floor coverings
  • Allowing us access when we arrive for your appointment, making sure you are at home and available at the agreed time and date
  • Maintaining your home in areas that you are responsible for, which are outlined in your tenancy agreement or lease. If you are unsure what these are, contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator
  • Ensuring a responsible adult is present during the appointment

The full list of customer responsibilities can be found in our repairs and maintenance policy.

We will review our repairs and maintenance policy every 12 months to ensure we are providing a value for money service.

Want to share your views? Why not become a member of our Customer Voice Panel and share your thoughts on how we do things? We’re always open to feedback and encourage our customers to have your say.

Our New Repairs And Maintenance Policy Is Now Live