The way you apply for one of our homes has changed – here’s what you need to know


MyMove has changed, which means there will be some differences in how you apply for one of our homes.

From Monday 6 April 2020, only First Choice Homes properties are advertised on the MyMove website.

Some of our properties will still be let to applicants from Oldham Council’s housing register, however the rest of our properties are now advertised directly by us on MyMove, in line with our lettings policy.

Here's what you’ll need to do:

  • The website you use to apply for one of our homes is called MyMove. If you have already registered for a MyMove account after 1 July 2019, you don’t need to do anything, and can continue to bid on properties
  • If you registered for a MyMove account before 1 July 2019, you will need to complete a new application form to re-register. This doesn’t mean updating your details – this means creating a brand new account. You will need to use a different email address or username than any you have used previously. You can easily re-register on the MyMove website by clicking ‘Register’ in the top right hand corner of the webpage

If you’re struggling or would like more information, contact our Allocations and Lettings team on 0161 393 5502 or email


  • I made a bid on a property before 1 July 2019 and I am still waiting to hear, what will happen with that?

    You can still log into your old MyMove account and get feedback on previous bids you have made. You just won’t be able to bid on new properties using this account moving forward.

  • Do I need to re-register with Oldham Council too?

    If you created a MyMove account before 1 July 2019, your details have been transferred to Oldham Council's housing register. If you registered with Oldham Council after 1 July 2019 you do not need to register with them again. If you created a MyMove account after 1 July 2019, your details remain with First Choice Homes. You can register with both us (through the MyMove system) and Oldham Council (through their website), to give you the greatest chance of securing a home in the borough.