Refreshed policies to improve your experience as a customer


As part of our three-year policy review cycle, we have updated three of our existing policies to help us support you in the best way we can.
These are:

To do this, we wanted to consult with you - our customers - before making any changes, to ensure your voices are at the heart of our decisions and your views are acknowledged and listened to.
Our Repairs and Maintenance policy now explains how a repair will be classified when you report it (Emergency, Priority, Routine and Major) and helps you to understand which jobs are your responsibility and which ones we are responsible for. We’re also planning an online campaign next year featuring handy resources, hints and tips to help you maintain your home and to stop preventable repairs from happening.
Our refreshed Voids policy highlights our turnaround times when a property becomes empty and also features our revised void standard, which has been created with input and feedback from customers. To help you understand what our new void standard is, we’ve produced a brand new booklet called ‘Your New Home’, which explains the standard of home that you can expect when you move in from gardens to cleanliness as well as the general condition of your property. All new customers will receive an electronic copy of the booklet when they sign up, and it can also be accessed on our website under ‘Your Tenancy’ any time you’d like to refer to it.
Lastly, our improved Aids and Adaptations policy aims to give you a better customer experience by introducing a one-point-of-contact approach via our Disability Living Service, should you request any aids or adaptations to your home. We’re delighted to have received promising feedback as part of our engagement work carried out in September this year, with 95% of customers being either very satisfied or satisfied with the ease of requesting an adaptation and 98.2% being either very satisfied or satisfied with the works carried out.
All three updated policies can be accessed on our website by clicking the links above. If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the policies, please get in touch with us by calling 0161 393 7117 or emailing