Partnership Working Should Stop the Noise

16 May 2017

First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) continue to work in partnership with Oldham Council (OMBC) to help tackle noise nuisance.

Of all the anti-social behaviour complaints that First Choice Homes receive, 44% relate to noise nuisance. Although the majority of complaints are resolved through warnings, meetings between neighbours and the use of Community Protection Warnings, some cases require legal intervention.

Paula Field, Community Legal Manager at First Choice Homes explains “Noise from neighbours can be upsetting, cause annoyance, lack of sleep and stress. It is also the most common anti-social behaviour complaint that we get. Gathering evidence in relation to noise can be very difficult and very often we ask Oldham MBC’s Environmental Health team to install noise monitoring equipment into the complainant’s property to record noise levels. The environmental health officers analyse the recordings and if a statutory noise nuisance is found the Council can take action under the Environmental Protection Act and First Choice Homes can also use this evidence to take action.”

A piece of sound recording equipment has been purchased by FCHO to assist OMBC with gathering noise nuisance evidence. The equipment which is a Trojan 2 kit, works by recording and measuring the level of sound that is heard from a neighbouring property. This is the second kit that has been purchased by FCHO to help OMBC tackle the problem. FCHO tenants and customers will now be placed at the top of the list for use of this new kit.

The recorder works by measuring and recording the level of sound that is heard from the neighbouring property.  This is the second recorder that has been purchased by First Choice Homes to help tackle the problem.  Purchasing this extra equipment, will help First Choice Homes customers and ensure complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently for all concerned.

Neil Crabtree, Head of Public Protection at Oldham Council added ‘I am really pleased that we are extending our partnership working with colleagues from First Choice Homes. This extra piece of noise recording equipment provided by First Choice will greatly help officers as they investigate and monitor the issue before looking to resolve the more serious noise issues.

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