Further Update re Fire Safety in Tower Blocks

23 June 2017

Following the initial information we gave to tenants we have distributed a further letter with more specific advice and a set of frequently asked questions and answers.

Please see below the content of the letter that was sent to our customers in high rise blocks;

Dear Residents

I wrote to you on 14th June, the day after the terrible fire in Grenfell Tower in London. Since that time we have reviewed our fire risk processes and fire risk assessments with our external fire consultants (Total Fire Services) and carried out inspections to identify any fire related maintenance issues in your block.

Following this work our advice to residents in your block remains as stated on our Fire Advice posters. In summary our advice is that if a fire breaks out in your home you should:

•              Leave the room where the fire is straight away and close the door.

•              Tell everyone in your home and get them to leave. Close the front door of your flat behind you.

•              Do not stay behind to put the fire out.

•              Call the fire service.

•              Wait outside, away from the building.

If you see or hear of a fire in another part of the building you should remember that the building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts. This means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat if the fire is elsewhere. You must leave immediately however, if smoke or heat affects your home or if you are told to by the fire service. You will need to exercise some personal judgement in your response and if you do become worried about your safety please get out, stay out and call the fire brigade out.

I would also point out that the cladding we have installed on our buildings is not the same as that fixed to Grenfell Tower in London; it is not an Aluminium Composite Material. We continue to work with the Greater Manchester Mayors Office and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to review fire safety and will keep you fully informed of any changes that arise from these discussions.

I would also like to remind you of how you can help to keep yourself and your family safe by following the simple rules that apply to all our high rise properties:

  • Smoking in communal areas and lifts is not allowed.
  • Please ensure all cigarettes are fully extinguished.
  • Dispose of all rubbish correctly, place in the bins or chutes provided and don’t leave by the side of chutes or bins.
  • We strongly advise against the use of chip pans and candles.

I would also like to remind residents of what the fire brigade recommend you do to keep safe:

  • Fire doors should always remain shut. The good weather may tempt you to keep them open, but in the interests of fire safety, please keep them closed at all times.
  • Fire doors should not be propped open in any way.  They should be closed to prevent the spread of fire and to protect everyone living in the building.
  • Communal areas must be kept clear of obstacles and rubbish.
  • No flammable materials should be kept either in communal areas or in homes.

In addition if you spot any defects or damage to your fire door (including the letterbox) or any other doors in our buildings, please let us know right away so we can repair them immediately. If you spot anyone smoking or camping out in any communal areas please also report this immediately.

Please be assured that your safety is our top concern and if there are any recommendations which come from the incident in London, we will of course review our own practices in line with this.

If you have any immediate queries or concerns or would like us to visit your home, please contact us and ask to speak to your neighbourhood officer. You can find out who your neighbourhood officer is via the postcode finder on our website, follow the link for more information; https://www.fcho.co.uk/whats-in-your-area/your-neighbourhood/ 

You can also contact the Fire Service to have a Safe and Well visit. To book a visit call 0800 555 815 or visit their website at: http://www.manchesterfire.gov.uk/about_us/what_we_do/prevention_protection/safe-and-well/

Should any of this advice or the situation change we will keep you up to date through our website, Facebook and Twitter. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to call our Service Centre on 0161 393 7117

FAQ's Fire Notice for Blocks
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