First job for mum inspires children for their future

30 January 2018

A 30-year-old mum has inspired her children to believe they can achieve a bright future thanks to starting work for the first time.

Since leaving school Netty Southward, who lives in Higginshaw, has been a foster carer and a full-time mum to her three children, aged 16, 12 and nine years, as well as looking after her mother when she became ill.

Netty loves working as an Environmental Operative with First Choice Homes Oldham, which she started in September 2017. This was as a result of help from its Directions employment service, which she said has done wonders for her.

Netty said: “I decided to do something because I was feeling down and tired of my life as it was. It was great to tell my kids I had a job; they could see a light, radiance and happiness in me. My eldest daughter is doing her GCSEs and wants to be a veterinary nurse and has said she wants to be like me. They can see I’m proud of myself and they’re proud of me too because they can see I’ve gone out and found something I really want to do and enjoy. I feel I’ve changed their perceptions of what it’s possible to achieve. I started at the bottom and come out on top.

“Since getting this job, I feel I have a real purpose in life. I love the job and the people I work with and I enjoy meeting customers who may not have seen anyone for weeks and so really appreciate having a conversation. I can’t wait to get to work in the morning and I look forward to it all weekend. I tell all my friends about the support they can get from Directions and how great they are.”

Netty felt her life begin to improve when she began volunteering with a breakfast club for mums, dads and children. The club which Netty helped to form was created by the community for the community, with support from a scheme known as B Green. This scheme is run by First Choice Homes Oldham with other local organisations.

Running arts and crafts sessions at the breakfast club meant she could help mums, some of whom were depressed and isolated before doing training and getting support from Directions.

When she started being supported by Directions, she was very nervous because she had never had a job.

In just six months the Directions team helped Netty gain qualifications in health and social care and food hygiene as well as writing CVs and interview techniques. The ongoing support and caring treatment she has received has really helped to boost her confidence.

If you would like to know more about the support the Directions employment service can offer can email: or phone: 0161 393 5550.

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