What is Right to Buy (RTB)?

If you were a tenant of First Choice Homes Oldham on the 7th February 2011 and have remained a tenant then you might qualify for the Preserved Right to Buy. If you have become a tenant after 7th February 2011 you might qualify for the Right to Acquire.

Things to consider about buying your home

Please be aware that FCHO will only carry out what it considers emergency repairs after a tenant submits a Right to Buy application. FCHO will not carry out any improvements works to your home such as replacing your windows, central heating system or any other works.

Think about the costs involved

Owning your own home can be expensive. Only you will know if buying your own home is the right decision for you. If you want more advice, Contact us, Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor (Please remember that a solicitor may charge for the advice they give you).

If you live in a flat or maisonette, you cannot buy the freehold to your property. The long-term lease can however be bought for a fixed period (usually 125 years) with an annual ground rent of £10. Leaseholders must also pay charges for the upkeep of the structure and communal areas of the building. These charges are known as ‘Service Charges’ which can run into several thousands of pounds. As well as major repairs and improvements, service charges also cover things like staircase lighting, caretaking, grass cutting and door entry systems.

If you decide to buy your flat or maisonette, we will give you an estimate of the annual service charges we will make and the costs of any possible planned improvement we plan to undertake to the building.

If you are unable to print off an application, they are available free of charge from our head office or by phone or email on request, just get in touch.

Once you have submitted your application, it will follow the Right to Buy process.

Please return completed application forms to:

Home Ownership Service
First Choice Homes Oldham,
First Place
22 Union Street

FCHO carries out regular fraud assessments and investigations using information from a variety of sources. In the event we find evidence of fraudulent activity we are required to report matters to the authorities. To comply with money laundering regulations you will be asked to provide proof of the source of your funding for your right to buy or right to acquire purchase.

Guide to RTB

A step-by-step guide

RTB Guide

Right to Buy Calculator

A handy online calculator to show potential discounts and costs of home ownership

RTB Calculator

Getting Started!

All you need to start a RTB application

RTB Application Application Guidance RTB Booklet RTB Guide
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