Lettings Fees

From 18th April 2016, all customers without an assessed housing need that are provisionally offered and accepted for a property with FCHO, will be charged a lettings fee. These costs are similar to those charged by other housing providers, but at very competitive rates. The charge is to cover the costs of administering your pre-tenancy checks and securely storing the documents that you will need to provide as part of this process.

We will carry out checks to make sure that you can afford a new FCHO home, and that you are confident that you have the knowledge and support that you need to successfully manage in your new FCHO home.

We are obliged to set out the details of all fees. The fee will be a standard charge; payable before an offer appointment is arranged and/or prior to any supporting documents being submitted.

The fee applied is:

Credit Check per person (including a guarantor)£5.00
Offer Appointment/Affordability Assessment£17.18
Sign Up Appointment£17.18
Transaction Charge£0.45
Total fee based on one tenant£39.81