Worried about Universal Credit? - We’re here to help!

The current benefit system is changing. Universal Credit is now replacing six existing benefits and is currently rolling out across Oldham. Anyone switching to Universal Credit will face a six-week delay in receiving your first payment.

It’s important that you are prepared so you don’t get into debt! Thankfully First Choice Homes Oldham is here to help you make the switch and to answer any questions you might have.

Don’t bury your head in the sand - Call our Universal Credit hotline today

Be prepared in 3 easy steps:

    1. Get ahead with your rent
      Putting an extra few pounds into your rent account each week before you switch to Universal Credit will mean you can still pay your rent when you switch and are waiting for your first payment to be processed. This will avoid you getting into rent arrears and debt.
    2. We can help you get a bank account and get online
      You have to apply for Universal Credit online and the money gets paid into your own bank account. Call us today on 0800 1955 440 for help getting online or setting up a bank account.
    3. Ring First Choice Homes Oldham’s Universal Credit hotline
      Our staff are ready and waiting to offer help and advice. Ring our hotline today on 0800 1955 440 for help today.


Universal Credit does not include help with your Council Tax. You must claim Council Tax support separately, from your local council.

Oldham Council

Top Tip

Direct debits are a quick and easy way to pay your rent. You set it up once and then don’t have to remember when to pay. Download and complete a direct debit form.

Direct Debit form

Top Tip

Get used to budgeting for monthly payments now. As well as paying your rent and other bills, you will need money for essentials, such as food and travel, for the month. Check out our monthly budget calculator.

Budget calculator
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