April 2017 Consultation NEW

Please visit our information page regarding proposed service charges to bungalows and proposed withdrawal of services to houses

2017 Consultation


In July we wrote to customers living in our flatted homes about proposals to introduce service charges for services provided to the communal areas of their blocks (ie cleaning and lighting of staircases, corridors and deck landings and grounds maintenance of communal gardens). We also advised of the start of a formal customer consultation period from 7th July to 5th August 2016. All affected customers were invited to consultation events held across the borough to find out more, ask questions and to give their feedback.

478 customers attended these events and a further 32 sent e-mails. We answered individual questions and responded to issues raised following any outstanding issues (including service requests) after the sessions. We would like to thank all customers who provided invaluable feedback about the proposals, our services and about their homes and neighbourhoods. 

The FCHO board has considered the feedback received and has now made its decision. Their decision is to proceed to introducing service charges with effect from 7th November 2016.

We have included a copy of the letter pack affected customers will be receiving from 3rd October, which includes a sample schedule of charges, a consultation feedback letter and service standards for grounds maintenance and caretaking.