Available Help

We are aware that you may sometimes struggle with money issues and difficulties, even more so in today’s climate and with changes to housing benefits.

Our dedicated expert advisors will work with you to help you regain control of your money, by offering practical support and innovative solutions to your money problems.Your debts may not totally disappear, but we can help you significantly reduce them and the stress they bring by helping you develop skills to take control.

Our customer support workers can offer home or office based appointments, whichever suits you the best.

We can help you:

  • Accurately identify your ‘incomings’ and ‘outgoings’
  • Develop a realistic household budget
  • Maximise your income by claiming appropriate benefits
  • Access charitable grants
  • Open and operate a bank account or Oldham Credit Union account
  • By offering advice on affordable credit
  • Prioritise your debt, to try and avoid unnecessary penalties being applied against you
  • By assisting your negotiation with creditors to agree affordable repayment plans
  • Access specialist debt advice if needed

If you want help from this service, please get in touch.

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