Energy Advice

Making sure that your homes are heated properly is vitality important. Cold can damage your health and your home.

First Choice Homes Oldham is committed to providing affordable, safe and energy efficient homes for all our residents.

On this page there are various guides that can tell you more about energy, heating and other advice about keeping your home efficient. Click the thumbnails for more information.


Damp and Condensation                                      Energy Saving Tips


Energy Efficiency                                            Dealing with Fuel Debt
Home Improvements

Other services and advice

This document has the contact details of various services that may be able to help you with your home, well being and finances.

In this section of our website you will find:

• Hints and tips about what you can do to use less energy.

• Information about government schemes to help you with your fuel bills.

• Information about other organizations and services in your local area.

• Information about energy efficiency improvements you can make to your home.

• Guidance about how you can switch energy providers.

• Advice about how to avoid damp.

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