About Our Business

First Choice Homes Oldham recognises its role and responsibility as a Registered Provider of social housing within Oldham. In order to deliver the Mission and Corporate Objectives, Value for Money (VFM) is integral to the success and future successes of the organisation and First Choice Homes Oldham aims to deliver high quality services to the right people at the right time whilst ensuring there is a balance between cost, quality and added value.

The Board of Directors has carried out an annual self-assessment for 2016/17 against the Regulator for Social Housing Value for Money, (VFM) Standard. In line with the VFM Standard the self-assessment identifies First Choice Homes Oldham’s:

  • Corporate Plan Objectives critical to the delivery of VFM
  • Approach to and delivery of generating a return on its assets
  • Costs and how they compare to similar organisations
  • VFM gains made during the year and how these have been delivered, covering the performance of key customer services.

The assessment also identifies First Choice Homes Oldham’s 2017/18 targets and actions to be implemented to achieve its corporate plan objectives, inclusive of addressing any areas where service improvements are required.

VFM and Annual Reports

View our Value for Money statements, Annual Reports and Social Impact Report

Our Reports
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